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Course Kitesurf advanced


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Curso de ejercicios específicos dentro del agua, los grupos will be 2 groups of 2 persons is aconsejable for a mayor rapidez LEARNING and evolution in order to be able avançar.Durant seguimos the methodology of the course on the teaching of the IKO FCDV and that in explicamos CONTINUED.


Kite Course Level 3 Water-Start

1: Posicionamos kite las 12 o’clock, controlando kite with one hand, the hand IMPORTANT placed in the center for not losing the kite estabilidad and we do not fear them vaya sides always tener las minimal tension lines.

2: Part of the Tomamos asa Bureau of us and we place the foot fully con las piernas flexionadas.

Important flex piernas, the cuerpo tiene más estabilidad pierde and not towards the direction where you WANT leave, one of the main errors in the water-start stretch are the las piernas before the exit, causing our esto miss the cuerpo y positions it causes 2 Errors:

If cuerpo turns toward the opposite side of our Rumbo will leave our cuerpo primero before the committee.

If our cuerpo turn toward the side of the course that WANT leave, saldremos demasiado in ceñida and cause presión demasiado para salir con officers,

3: Posicionamos our cuerpo always espaldas of the Wind, girando a bit and look toward the side that the cuerpo WANT leave, las piernas flexionadas fully in our Corps.

4: When notamos Levanta is that our cuerpo del agua, Back of the Leg always a bit bent and the Skillful In front of fully stretched.

5: For search for power with the kite by a course towards the left, the Movement realizamos kite shaped Ochoa IMPORTANT seek the power of segun intensidad viento, viento mayor less power radio tendremos you take, the more radiant the Wind lower.

With winds of 12 to 16 suaves Nudos, dependiendo también students’ peso medida or you kite utilizaremos During the course realizamos Eight 1 to 9 in Las sentido contrario the clock stops at Rumbo leave to port (left ) .Importante echarnos lo largo del Viento in the direction notamos long as the power for power deslizarse mayor with Ease. We help ourselves in Levanto long as the table notamos presión the kite and we help ourselves a bit Tiranda bar posicionando In front towards the cuerpo.

With winds of 18 to 25 Nudos, dependiendo también of students’ weight or you kite medida utilizaremos During the course realizamos Eight of the first 11 in Las sentido contrario leave the clock for a course to port (left) , realizamos exit flexionando bastante of the Leg and Back estirando in front of the Leg and officers in positions ceñida.

When is the most Important viento fuerte control the power of the kite and pull towards cuerpo atrás para hacer not fear that our cuerpo primero In front exit.

6: When We have a course already posicionados tops the table, posicionamos kite at 45 degrees for a mayor ceñida and direction of our Rumbo empezar and navigate.

7: Enable system security of our kite:

When quedamos alejados us or without us hemos remained the Wind or no Wind Changed Sentido activaremos security system that Chiken We have in-loop, the security activamos kite, power and pierde quedamos us with the power line that cogidos vamos por the leash, Damo 4 or 5 in the line that Vueltas Caught by the leash and the seguramos We have the barra.Cuando ya ya We can be assured this line-Started in otras to pick up the lines, but the line primero aseguramos the strap bar of independientemente las otras las kite with lines placed COULD voltages and not podriamos Recoger kite with security.

Vamos nadando towards the kite and before bequeathed We have already las recogidas lines in the bar and aseguradas, we soltamos bar and kite tomamos us if the direction is favorable intentamos reverse the Wind Kite with the uphill edge of ataque y Countertops us intentamos position of the center of the kite once a cogemos tops them one of the vertices of the kite Tips and tricks, esto You can use us for sailing a course towards power dragged towards the shore.

We have suficiente para viento but could navigate with the kite and kite permaneceremos cogidos intentaremos nadando leave.

Important: The kite will be visible on our salvavidas countertops and keep the water if the direction is totally in sin tierra sea vessels Rescue has available, the better option is to activate the security system and activate the leash and leave our Belt our team nadando con nuestra and exit polling.

The organizational, it reserves the Right to change the location and timetable of the Activity if fear motivos organizational loves it convenient, but none involve reductions or subscriber amount of Activity, as well as the ring of Activity, meteorology or if fear motivos Cree security or convenient.

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