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Team Building

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A series of innovative training and development programs unrelated to the normal work environment, a custom-designed activities for the integration of groups, skill development and to reinforce the feeling of belonging to a group.

The proposal that we not only meet one day and carrying out tests, if we act according to our idea of ??work:


– Meeting with the human resources department or team responsible for:

Thus we have a first contact will be essential to know that you need the Empressa how many participants will attend, what dates they plan to attend and what budget we are talking about.

– Creation of the activity:

Our team meets to find the best solution to the emerging needs and thereby create appropriate activities. Consider where and how

– Proposal:

After satisfying all the requirements, will propose the place where the activity, dates, type of activity and budget. Our proposal will be unsuitable for approval.

– Activity:

We take care of all the preparations for the activity, thus the customer only has to worry about attending.

– After meeting with the departments responsible for:

Our work ends a few months after the meeting, where we met again to assess the performance of the positive group. We also give a series of guidelines to follow the progress of the company for months.

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