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Initation Kitesurf Course


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Steps to perform 1 Level kite:

1. Theory, knowledge of the directions of the wind window where we will begin to pilot the kite, and fewer areas of maximum power.
2. Pilot trainer 2 lines, learn the right and left directions and look for areas of more and less power window. Important: Always take learning to the beach with trainer kites and 3 meters for safety.
3. step in the assembly of a 3 meter kite bar with 4 lines, know the assurances of the bar to have maximum safety to driving on the beach in the Ebro Delta.
4. pilot the kite 4 lines, right and left directions, and add up to the bar to get power kite and bar in order to have lower voltage lines for directions.
5. Exercises positioning kite at 45 degrees to the two parts of the window, get to have greater control of the kite and wind pressure without notice motions and position the bar parallel to the kite, with specific exercises hand and begin to adapt to the following exercises to Level 2 in water.
Important: These exercises have to do well on the beach and security before entering the water to make the second level which has acquired a good basis of the first level, then in the water everything will be easier . Classes kite in the Ebro Delta will realize everything needed in order to have the necessary security in and out of the water

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