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3erd level Kitesurf course


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Kitesurfing Course Level 3 Water-Start

1: position the kite at 12 o’clock, controlling the kite with one hand, important to place your hand in the center to keep the kite stability and we are not going sides always have a minimum voltage lines .

2: Take the handle from the table and we put the feet with legs fully flexed.

3: We position our body always back to the wind, turning a little look and body to the side you want to leave, legs fully flexed our body.

4: When we noticed that our body of water rises, the last leg always slightly bent front leg and fully stretched.

5: To search for power kite with a clockwise direction, moving the kite we made in the form of eight important to seek the power according to the intensity of the wind, less wind radius greater power we take, more wind radius is smaller.

6: When we have a course already placed on the table, position the kite at 45 degrees for better upwind direction and our direction and we started sailing.

7: Enable security system of our kite:

When we were away and we are left with no wind or the wind has changed direction to activate the security system we have in Chicken-loop, activate security kite loses power and we stayed with power line we caught the leash, give 4 or 5 times in the line that the grip strap and the seguramos barra.Cuando we have secured this line we can start to pick up the other lines, but make sure the first line of the strap bar regardless of other kite could be placed in tension with the lines and could not pick up the kite safely.

We swim towards the kite before reaching the lines we have collected and secured to the bar, we let go of the bar and the kite will take if the wind is favorable to try to reverse the kite with the leading edge up and we try to position above the center of the kite, take a blow on the vertices of one of the ends of the kite, this may serve to drag the boat to a course towards the shore.

But we have enough wind to move ahead with the kite will remain caught in kite and try to go swimming.

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