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2nd level Kitesurf course


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Kitesurfing Course Level 2 Body-Drag:

Course specific exercises in the water, the groups will be from 2 to 3 people, it is advisable to group 2 people for a faster learning and development to advance. During the course we follow the methodology of teaching and IKO FCDV explained below.

1: In the water started to pilot a kite 8 meters depending on the intensity of the wind, do exercises positioning of the two sides of the kite down window kite.

Important: Always choose the extent of kite depending on the wind strength classes for safer learning winds are about 12 to 16 knots, more intensity muntaríem a smaller kite.

2: Launch the kite in the water, when the kite is in the water playing with the edge of the water, crossing the bar turned and begin to pull a line of direction, can be left or right when kite begins to rise almost vertically and is almost out of the water started going under the line while shooting.

When the kite falls in the water with the edge facing upwards, pulls strong power lines 2, this causes the kite will turn the edge into the water, then begin to relaunch .

3. Recovery of table kite when we fall into practice water-start, position the kite at 45 degrees for a wider range of upwind, horizontal positioning a body with an outstretched hand and we will take the helm of a course with the other hand take the bar at the middle and pulls her to take off and drag to fetch the table. The kite school in the Ebro Delta realized classes kite in shallow water and no waves

4: When we have these exercises safely, we started to look for power with the kite in the shape of eight, 12 to the sides of the window bar completely vertical directions for a major shift in the star and take enough power to drag through the water, these exercises serve to take power when we get to the table and start practicing out the water-start, which explain the Level 3.

5: Enable security system of our kite:

1: When we were away and we are left with no wind or the wind has changed direction to activate the security system we have in Chicken-loop, activate security kite loses power and we were the line we cojidos the power strap, 4 or 5 times to give the line that grip the strap and make sure the bar. As we have secured this line we can start to pick up the other lines, but make sure the first line of the strap bar regardless of other kite could be placed in tension with the lines and could not pick up the kite safely .

We swim towards the kite before reaching the lines we have collected and secured to the bar, we let go of the bar and the kite will take if the wind is favorable to try to reverse the kite with the leading edge up and we try to position above the center of the kite, take a blow on the vertices of one of the ends of the kite, this may serve to drag the boat to a course towards the shore.

But we have enough wind to move ahead with the kite will remain caught in kite and try to go swimming.

Important: The kite is our lifeline and keep being visible above the water, if the direction is completely ground to sea without having rescue boat, the best option is to activate the security system and activate our belt belt and leave our team and go swimming with our table.

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